InstaCheckin enables you to seamlessly capture visitor signatures on NDA’s during the check-in process. NDAs are supported on Basic Plan and up. Please check our pricing page for more details.


Add new NDAs

Navigate to Kiosk Settings -> NDAs and click the “Add NDA” button.

  • Purpose of Visit

Select the purpose of visit for which this NDA should be presented to the visitor. You can specify different NDA text depending upon visitor’s purpose of visit. E.g. you may create a separate NDA for interview candidates, and another one for business partners.


If you want to use the same NDA for all visitors, you can select “All Purposes” for the “Purpose of Visit” drop-down.


  • New Visitors

This section allows you configure NDAs for new visitors.



  • Visitors should sign NDAs


Check this option if visitors should be presented with the NDA.


  • Make NDA signing optional

If this option is checked, the visitors can skip NDA signing and still continue with the check-in. If this option is unchecked, visitors are required to sign the NDAs and they cannot proceed with check-in process without signing the NDA.



  • Returning Visitors


This section enables you to configure NDA behavior for returning visitors. Returning visitors are the visitors that select the “Returning Visitor” option on the during the check-in process. If a visitor does not select this option during check-in process, they will be treated as a new visitor.



  • Sign NDA after x days


A returning visitor will be prompted to sign the NDA again only after these number of days past the time they signed that same NDA previously.



  • NDA Title


The title shown on the NDA screen


  • Show Logo


Display the company logo on the NDA.



  • NDA Text


Enter the NDA text here. This text will be shown to the visitor when they sign NDAs on the InstaCheckin app.



  • Insert Check-in Field


Allows you to customize the NDA text by inserting visitor provided values for check-in fields. E.g. you can add visitor’s name, email, or other check-in fields.

Please note that if you use optional check-in fields in the NDA and the visitor does not provide the values for such fields, those fields will not be correctly reflected in the NDA.

For more information check here.