InstaCheckin enables you to to collect just the right information that your organization needs from your visitors.  To customize the check-in Fields login to your InstaCheckin dashboard and then navigate to Kiosk Settings > Check-in Fields

Field Types

You can use 2 types of check-in fields 

  1. Textbox : For general text input from visitors e.g. name, email etc.
  2. Drop-Down: For a selection field from multiple predefined values. e.g. Yes / No

Required / Optional Fields

Check-in fields can be marked as required by checking the “Is Required” checkbox. When a check-in field is marked as required, the visitor is required to enter a value for that field.  

On the other hand, if a check in field is marked as optional the visitor may leave this field empty and will be allowed to proceed to next steps.

Adding New Fields

New check-in fields can be added by clicking the "Add Check-in Fields" button. You can add predefined fields by just checking the checkbox next to those fields. If the fields you are looking to add are not already in the list of predefined fields, click custom fields by clicking the "New Custom Field" button at the bottom.

After adding a predefined or a custom field, a new row will appear for the newly added field. For a predefined field, the row will already be populated with appropriate text. For a custom field, a blank row will be shown. You can specify the display name, type, drop-down options etc. for the newly added field.

If you have large number of values for a drop-down field, you can import those in bulk by providing per line.

Deleting Fields

You can easily delete check-in fields by clicking the "Delete" button next to the check-in field.

Reordering Check-in Fields

The check-in fields can be easily reordered by just dragging the anchor sign at the beginning of the field to the desired position. The fields will be shown in the same exact order to the visitors when they check in using the InstaCheckin iPad app.